About Our Team

Meet the staff who all served with 2D LAR.

Below are some of the amazing people that make this organization a possibility. You will find a picture along with their title and the years they served with 2D LAR, along with a small bio. Please feel free to get in touch with our staff.

Scott Durano

President, 90-94

Scott Durano completed basic training in 1990 at MCRD San Diego.  He served as a Scout with “A” Co. 2D LAI/LAR until 1994.  Scott is currently a Sergeant for a suburban police department south of Chicago with 24 years of LEO experience and hold a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

Dave VanHorn

Secretary, 86-09


Rich “Doc” Strait

Chaplain, 89-93

At 2d LAI I served with all companies except Bravo. The bulk of my time was with Alpha and H&S Companies.

Mark Marth

Veteran Service Officer

I spent from 1977 to 1192 in the Marine Corp. the last four years spent with LAV and LAI. During the Gulf war our unit was activated and we became D Company of 2nd LAI BN.  In 2006 I became the Service Officer of VFW Post 1503, during my tenure I became the State Service Officer for Virginia from 2012 to 2016.  I have an extensive working knowledge of Veteran Affairs claims process and pension process. If you are thinking about filling a claim you need to get in touch with me so I can help you navigate through the VA system.  I can be reached at markmarth27@aol.com.

James Cuneo

Vice President, 90-10


Andrew Jones

Battalion Liason Officer


Kirby Cowles

Sgt at Arms, 90-94


Christopher Soldano

WebMaster, 03-07

Served with 2D LAR during the years of 2003- 2007. Worked on most of the Company logos for the Battalion when most were revamped in 05. Retired in 2012 and does various web and graphic work for various Non-profits and the Marine Corps League.

Dennis Krohn

Treasurer, 91-94


Robert Stack

Judge Advocate, 91-95

Robert Stack graduated from basic training in 1991 in San Diego.  He served with A Company, 2nd LAR at Camp Lejeune, NC until 1995.
Robert worked as an aircraft mechanic for 15 years before joining the Federal Aviation Administration in 2010.  He currently resides in the Chicago area.

Mark Davis

Membership Chairman, 87-93

Served 6 years with 2D LAV/LAI Bn (1987-1993)
Plank owner – Wpns Co, 2D LAV Bn (81mm Mortars Section Leader))
Plank owner – Delta Co, 2D LAI Bn (LAV-25 Vehicle Commander)
Operation “Just Cause” (Panama, 1989 – 1st time LAV’s ever in combat)
Operation Desert Shield/Storm (Persian Gulf, 1990-91)

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